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If one can explore suspense, and if it can be lived, than it is in the sea, unnder the sea.
There is nothing for a restless, curious spirit to look forward to on land. All the paths are discovered, all the roads lead to the highway of boredom.
Nowadays anyone travels to and fro across the sky, cozily seated on an airplane chair as if at one's own home.
Space is not meant for people who trust in God.
It is only in the sea and under the sea that a human soul may experience restlessness that each adventurer looks for, the same as it used to be once. While sailing, while diving, it is all about suspense. The only trace is that of a well directed stern as short as the foam left behind it.
Should you turn landward, or stay near the shore, the unknown sinks into safety. Dear friend, what you need is mystery. Turn the stern and head for the open sea. You are about to experience the joys of inviting explorations. Turn your boat away from the cliffs and ground. Turn your back to land! There are always possibilities for the free to return to the unknown. Only mysterious things are beautiful. Take the trip there with us!

................................ DON'T LOOK AROUND, IMMERSE YOURSELF!

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