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Ulcinj is a town that welcomes its visitors as an open shell does its pearls.Its guests know that they come to their friends.Friends are always offered a special attention,time and events.With us you have feast,you laugh and sing. Here you go swimming and sunbathing. With us you can go diving as well!

Ulcinj is a town of pirates. In this sea area the imperial long boats have sunk. During time, rare objects, amphorae, silverware, antique tools and arms, and precious objects have floated down to the bottom.Undersea cliffs, wavy sand keep the unimaginable secrets. How about finding one of these? Would you share the discovered valuables with us? Or is it a trophy that belongs only to you? What about keeping it for the rest of your life as a symbol of your greatest adventure? What you find in Ulcinj`s undersea, really belongs to you it is the wealth of friendship and a pearl of human love. These goods are always shared. You don`t happen to dive in Ulcinj`s undersea every day just as the new friendship does not happen every day.

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