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Undersea archeology (meeting the past – immerse yourself and explore)

  Dynamic past has left to town a series of culture monuments.However,very few know that at reach of Ulcinj there is an entire town under the sea.It was called „Oleotopolis“, which as hidden by an earthquake from various barbarians.The town was seen on the maps of the Ancient Rome, but today it can be only seen by the divers!

You have heard of pirates!Yes, Ulcinj is known as the town of pirates. Where have they hidden their treasure? Club D`Olcinium takes you to a brief voyage into past which can be seen only by divers! All you need is your good will and the diver`s license.

Near by our club, there is a „TURBE“ (graves) of two sehids (saints) who died dur ing the town defense against the Venetians... On this military map there is a strategy of attack to this town.Historians have written that at this occassion several Venetian boats have found their eternal port in the seas of this town.Would you like going out and find them?

- Ships (Venecian attack mape)
italian submarine W4.


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